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Welcome to Bellesini Academy!
Bellesini Academy is an independent Catholic Middle School dedicated to providing quality, scholarship education to young men and women from Lawrence. The Academy provides an academically challenging and high structured environment that develops the potential for each student to succeed in competitive secondary schools and colleges through utilizing small classes, a rigorous curriculum, an extended school day, a month-long summer program and alumni support program. Bellesini is a co-institutional school, which means that students learn in single-sex academic classes and have opportunity to interest in positive ways through enrichment programs and school- wide events. The primary goal of the Academy is to ensure that all graduates go on to complete high school and earn a four-year college degree. Our partnership begins now and does not end until you receive a 4-year college degree.  We are excited that you are interested in Bellesini Academy and look forward to working with you through the admission process.
English Bellesini Academy Application for Admissions