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Camp Beech Cliff Program Waiver - NOT FOR SUMMER CAMP or VACATION CAMPS
Camp Beech Cliff Program Waiver - NOT FOR SUMMER CAMP or VACATION CAMPS
Please note that participants under the age of 18 need a parent or guardian to complete this form. You will have the opportunity to receive a copy of your submission at the end of this form. The Adventure Programs and Outdoor Education programs facilitated through Camp Beech Cliff may involve a variety of activities ranging from sitting or standing still to warm-ups and rigorous physical activities on trails, indoors, on natural or on human made structures. All activities have the potential to cause physical and/or emotional harm. For your enjoyment and to help us make sure that we meet your goals and ability level, please communicate with us to make sure you have registered for an appropriate program. Our goal is for everyone to have fun, take positive risks, and learn something while they are at it. The level of participation in these programs is, at all times, completely voluntary and up to the individual’s choice. In addition, certain health/medical information must be made known to the instructor(s) conducting programs, so that they are prepared to respond appropriately if the need arises. This information will be read by your facilitators ONLY and will be kept in strict confidence. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions. Thank You.
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